Style Your Home Like THIS So Kids Can Do Most Things By Themselves

Is there such magic? Something about the home can actually make a child more independent?


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Raise your hands if you want your kids to

  • brush their own teeth
  • put on their own clothes
  • put on their own shoes
  • tidy up the toys and books after use
  • get their own snacks
  • wash their own hands
  • go to the potty on their own
  • start drawing and painting without pestering you for paper and crayons
  • keep their own bags when they come back from school
  • and exhibit many more independent traits …

Well, that sounds like one awesome kid doesn’t it? *Psst… I’ll let you in on the secret… they actually do exist! They can exist in your own home too! I know, your kids can be independent. It sounds almost impossible right? But it isn’t too far-fetched. They can start to be independent as early as 3 years old, no kidding. I have my kids to prove it, otherwise how else do you think I can manage 3 kids 7 years old and under? 🙂

They key is ….. *drumroll*……..

Put everything they need


That simple. So simple. But it helps unload you of so many unnecessary tasks in a day that you might actually get a chance to catch that coffee before it turns cold. I’m serious.

Make everything you want them to access actually accessible without your assistanceThat’s how you train a child to be independent. Create opportunities for them to actually do something without needing your help all the time.

  • When we moved into the house we bought, we did a little adjustment to our bathroom. We intentionally installed the sink to be lower than the standard height. Not too short, but at a height comfortable enough for a 2-year-old to step on a short stool and turn on the faucet by himself. And we made sure that height was not too low for adults as well. We don’t want to inconvenient ourselves while trying to make things easy for the kids. After all, it’s OUR house right? 🙂
  • Our boys each have their own kiddy wardrobe from IKEA that is just perfect for their little heights. They LOVE choosing their own clothes after coming out of the shower, especially my 3-year-old. My 7-year-old and 5-year-old have been dressing themselves since they were 4! I’ve had quite a good life haven’t I? 🙂
  • Outside our door, we have 3 short stools for them to sit on while putting on their own shoes. Like clothes, socks are accessible in low drawers and shoes are accessible in the lower rack of the shoe rack.
  • Bookshelves and toy boxes in our house are all at kids’ level. Although they don’t always clean up after themselves, it helps tremendously that they can access their things any time they want. It teaches them how to self-entertain as well as creates the opportunity for them to learn to put things back to its rightful place without needing an adult’s hand.
  • In our kitchen, we have special racks that keep plastic cups, bowls, spoons, forks and knives. The cereal packages and bread are at their level. The milk and jam in the fridge are at their level. They help themselves when they’re hungry. Isn’t that every mom’s dream? My 5-year-old and 7-year-old can do this, but my 3-year-old still needs my help of course 🙂 but he observes his brothers and I’m sure he’ll be able to help himself when he’s ready.
  • Set up a art-and-craft station for your kids. Trust me, it’ll save you some sanity. I despise hearing “mummy, can you give me a piece of paper? mummy, can you give me a pair of scissors?”…. The accessible art-and-craft station can really save me the frustration of having to get everything for them. Try it!


Understand His Needs

It’s not unusual that in some relationships, the woman feels that her marriage is going fine while her husband feels otherwise. How could two people in the same relationship have different feelings about how well their relationship is doing? That’s because men and women have different love language and different needs. And more often than not, those differences go un-examined and ignored, leaving people who started off loving each other becoming a couple who resent each other or are annoyed by each other.

Today I’m going to address the needs of he-who-is-the-husband.


Not all husbands need a lot of space. But it’s worth taking a look at this concept of “space” in a relationship. Some husbands want their wives to be right beside them all the time, involved in everything together. Others need some time to themselves to recharge, work on things or simply be themselves with their friends without having a partner by their side.

The first thing we women need to understand is that when the men want space, it is by no means a signal that they have run out of love for us, or that they are sick of us or that they can’t stand us. Different people enjoy being different versions of themselves. Some men might love being a husband and dad who sticks to their family, goes everywhere together and does everything together (like my late beloved father and my husband) while some men simply miss their time to chill and be “a guy” with their friends like they used to before we women came into their lives. It’s not that they don’t want us in that part of their lives, maybe they just treasure the way things are with their  buddies and do not want to mess it up by always bring their wife along. Some men like to be in their own thoughts, without having constant company. They might like to go fishing or hiking alone to recharge themselves.

Understand the level of space your husband needs, respect it and gift him that much needed space. It won’t make him drift further away, instead he will feel understood and it might give him a much needed recharge.


Do you ever wonder why there are more female sex workers that cater to male customers than there are male sex workers who cater to female customers? That’s because men are more into sex. Something in their biological genetic make-up programs them to needwant and enjoy sex MORE THAN the average female does.

Understand this, most men can’t live without sex but most women can.

Why does such an imbalance exist?! I have no idea. But since there is an imbalance, we might as well take note.

So now that we know what they need, it is up to us women to find that perfect balance with our partner of how much sex is perfect for one’s relationship. Too little sex will make the husband suffer, too much sex will make the wife suffer. So as a couple,

  • talk to each other openly about the expectations of sex
  • hug and kiss more to feel connected and close, this will naturally lead to more sexual attraction and therefore nurturing a healthier relationship
  • spend more time alone together, without the kids, housework or your phone


Something that every man wants in a relationship that he is serious about is trust from his woman.

Trust is one of the most valuable gift you can give to a person. Naturally, anyone would want to be trusted by the most important person in their life. So not only trust him, but show him that you trust him. And he will be a very happy man in a relationship.

12 Fabulous Family Command Centre Ideas

Here is a confession: this GIANT chalk-board command centre by Beneath My Heart is my personal favourite! Click on the picture to go to her blog and learn how to DIY.
What I love about this command centre is that it has a lot of paper holders suitable for mails, bills, homework to be signed (assigned by child’s name), the possibilities are endless. I found this on the internet, if you are the owner please please contact me so I can link to your blog. Love it so much!
Click on the image to check out how to DIY this fabulous fancy pants command centre! It’s so neat and it makes you feel like you have your life in order!
I can’t resist the simplicity of this command centre. 3 tin buckets, one calendar and a very compact paper holder. Just perfect. Click on the image to head straight to See Vanessa Craft and learn how to DIY!
The clear separated segments make this command centre attractive. And each person could have 2 slots for their paper holder. Found this gem on
Pottery Barn’s Daily System. Gotta love it. There’s a place for everything!
Do you see the slots for the paper? This is kind of unique. And there’s even space to hang school bags. Love it. If you are the owner of this creation, please please contact me so I can link to your blog. Thank you!
Another nice example from Silver Hawk Realty.
One of my favourites. If you are the owner please contact me so I can link to your blog. Thank you!
This genius use of a wall space is by Jenna Burger of SAS Interiors. Check her out! Click on the image to be linked to her article about this beautiful command centre.
Love this! Each person has so much space for themselves! And there’s a centre calendar where everyone can fill in their schedule using colour codes. If you are the owner of this project please contact me so I can link to your blog. Thank you!
Lou Lou Girls has gotten it so plain, simple and functional! This is definitely for families that love minimalism. Click on the image to be linked to her blog where she tells you how to DIY.

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