The NEW Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden!

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The newly revamped Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is a nature-themed park for kids featuring interactive displays & activities, including a waterfall cave.
Address481 Bukit Timah Road, 259769
Official guide: click here
So we took our kids to the garden this past weekend. We spent a whole morning there and the boys loved exploring the new place. So many things for active and curious kids!
One of our favourites inside the park was this Tree House Slide. They went so many rounds! The slide was really slippery and fast, to the boys’ delight, of course.
There’s a mini pond next to the tree house that has terrapins and fish. We were lucky enough to catch one terrapin resting on the rock!
Which child doesn’t like balancing??? Let them try out this short trail that leads to the waterfall cave!
And the highlight of the park? The Flying Fox of course! There’s a course for the children to go through before they can hop onto the flying fox. But if your kids are not up for the course, they can just join the queue for the flying fox straight away.
And what’s “nature exploration” without a suspension bridge? 🙂
Overall we are SO HAPPY with the new Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. Well done NParks!

Kill Time With Christmas Pom-Poms

Well we found out we had a bag full of Christmas Pom-Poms and the kids were bored. What do you think happened?

We had a race to put as many pom-poms into a jar as possible! But that wasn’t why it was fun. It was fun because they couldn’t use their bare hands!

  • Each child had his own jar.
  • Our 5-year-old and 7-year-old practised their chopstick skills
  • Our 3-year-old used our kitchen tongs

Oh they had GREAT FUN.

Variations in the game that you can introduce to your children:

  • Ask them to sort pom-poms into different jars by colours (suitable for 4 years old and below)